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2018-2019 Season  : 

Nuzzle the Elephant, 

Lilly The Lamb 

Clementine & Charles our Horses

ducklings:"Maxwell" & "Cora May

Bear: "Bernard "

.. . coming soon! 

 New Mom Registry

THE LION & the lamb:  "Bold as a lion.. .gentle as a lamb"

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when your child will be ready!

Toddlers will gladly give up the convertible crib to the new baby for this!

Lamb:  "Loveable lilly"

Horses: "Clementine"  & "Charles".

Animal Toddler Beds & Headboards

"The Teddy Bear That Holds You"

Meet our Precious Animals!

Elephant: "Nuzzle"

Custom MADE IN THE USA with Love, & Joy!

Making bedtime a happy time!