Made with Love - -Heidi

Heidi Guthrie: Designer

Skills Include:

  • Interior Design
  • Upholsterer/builder
  • Isaiah's Mama
  • Classical Violinist
  • Bedtime Lullabies
  • Gingerbread Houses


Custom, Hand-Crafted,


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Animal Toddler Beds & Headboards

Making bedtime a happy time! 


Lets take the tears and fears out of a child's bedtime! We are about making  bedtime a happy time!  This is "Co-sleeping done right, in their OWN bed, so parents can sleep too! We want to create childhood memories of a happy bedtime not a fearful one. Providing needed jobs in the USA for expert craftsmen and women is a dream come true for me!  ​


I am Heidi Guthrie the creator of Precious Beds.  I created the upholstered beds in the Hollywood movie "Country Strong" with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw.  I became a first time Mama at age 42, and my body needed rest after 2 years nursing around the clock..  I needed to create a bed to keep my toddler in his bed so I could get desperately needed rest.  I spent my entire childhood being afraid of the dark begging to sleep with my parents or siblings to not feel night-time fears.  My love for my son made me determined to make bedtime a happy time for him.   I set out to create a way to take tears and fears out of bedtime.  I did.  I wanted to know my toddler wouldn't wake up disoriented, try to find Mama, and crash against a hard bed injuring himself, or feel as though he was sleeping all alone. These beds were made with love to be good enough for my precious child, so I know they will be for yours.  Mama needs REST to be at her best, and a toddler in their own bed, means parents can sleep.


Children like sleeping alone, about as much as you do!  Now they don't have to with Precious Beds. If the word "Toddler" implies falling.. .their  beds should be a soft place.. . to fall. 



You can only see so many princess beds, convertible wood cribs, car beds, beds with dangerous slides, or rod iron or wood bars where little legs and arms can get broken, .. .and you are left wanting more.   Precious Beds provide the comfort,  and softness of a parent or sibling sleeping next to them easing night-time fears, and preventing injury.   "Minimalist" Decor is for Mom & Dad NOT a child's room.  Precious Beds offer a wonderland of stuffed animal beds with loving eyes,, that shelter our most precious gifts.. . our children!