Making bedtime a happy time! 

Does Co-Sleeping Affect A Mothers Health? 

  A 2017 study in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is one of the first of it's kind to look specifically at the effects that co-sleeping can have on a mother's mental health.  Insufficient sleep for mothers is the biggest reason for mom's stress & depression. 



Our toddler beds co-sleep with your little one so you can rest!  Also, most toddler beds are wood or plastic so when toddlers are not yet steady on their feet they can get many bumps and bruises from bumping against their toddler beds.  With Precious Beds your child has a soft place to fall; a toddler bed with loving eyes to gently invite them to sleep!  This is "Co-sleeping" done right, so mama & daddy can rest and adequately function the next work day!


Precious Beds close their eyes and go "NIGHT-NIGHT" with you! 

Animal Toddler Beds & Headboards


(Translation: No rest for Mom or Dad.) 

Precious animals lay down with your child 

so they can fall sleep, 

.. .and you can too!


   Modern toddler beds with their minimal / modern designs may be nice for parents, but not for a child with imagination and wonder.  Our toddler beds make bedtime like a trip to Disneyland!

    Some toddlers must adjust to the "New baby" on the way.  Giving up their bed to the new baby is tough.  Not with our toddler beds!  They will gladly give up their convertible crib for a Precious Bed to snuggle with who's eyes close to go night-night with them!  Also, with Crypton upholstery that is safety tested for use around infants and children, you have a stain resistant, hypo-allergenic, microbial bed for toddlers that can be cleaned with mild soap and water; Approved for hospitals and Kolcraft products as well! Allergies?  No problem.

"Co-Sleeping" done right. Order today!

 Who says they have to sleep alone?

 "Mama can I sleep with you?"

  • Non-Toxic, Microbial Upholstery
  • Stain Resistant, Water Wipe-Up!
  • Safety Tested Crypton Upholstery
  • Eyes Close to go "Night-Night!"